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Welcome to Chapter One.

We are an English boutique studio.

Here, we foster a deep love for the language.

Confidence is our cornerstone – we empower voices to resonate loudly and be heard.

Our mission is to inspire children to wield words with power and purpose.

We don't just teach; we equip our students with the ability to bring about meaningful change through language.

Under our guidance, hearts are stirred as we encourage the crafting of thoughtfully-driven stories.

Creativity is our fuel, propelling minds to sculpt literary pieces that are nothing short of works of art.

King Albert Park      Balmoral       Oxley  

Why Choose Us?

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Thoughtfully-Written Curriculum 

Our curriculum is centred around themes that would

enrich a child’s mind.


They are exciting and surprising - the way learning should be. This exposes your child to topics and happenings in both the local and global context and fortifies his understanding of cultures, foods, behaviours and living spaces around the world.

Questions are posed and discussions are held to encourage deeper thinking. 

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A Family of Dedicated Teachers

Our team of teachers believes that having a good command of the English language can take

one far in life.


Apart from having the passion and skillset to educate and nurture, our teachers have backgrounds in journalism, editing, curriculum writing, public speaking training amongst others.


This allows them to share invaluable and refreshing nuggets of knowledge and life lessons that extend beyond the curriculum.

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A Different Teaching Philosophy 

We steer away from blind rote learning - doing well in the language is not merely for the sake of weighted assessments.

We  inspire students to see the beauty in the language, to craft their own writing styles, and to dream big and wild.


We mould students to use words in powerful ways - to effect change, to inspire the unmotivated, to move even the most stone-hearted, to lead the lost, to comfort the dejected, to serve communities, and to spur

empathy and respect.

Parent and Student Praises – Hear What They're Buzzing About Us!

I have been a student at Chapter One for about a year now. My time here has certainly been very fruitful and enjoyable. Through the classes that I take, I not only enjoy but I also learn and absorb a lot of new information that spurs my curiosity and inspires me to learn more. Making lessons and studying enjoyable is such a difficult task to do, but Chapter One has made it perfectly so. I have never ever regretted going for a class!


Apart from that, I have also made a great number of friends here too. My friends are very supportive and together, we push ourselves to beyond our limits and surpass our own expectations. In all, learning at Chapter one is fun, enjoyable and most of all, very fruitful! Enrolling in Chapter One is one of the best choices I have made in my life and I will never regret joining!


Angel, SCGS Primary

Student of Chapter One

Contact Us


KAP Campus (West)

9 King Albert Park,

Unit 02-23/24
Singapore 589332

Nearest MRT: King Albert Park 


Balmoral Campus (Central)

271 Bukit Timah Road,

Balmoral Plaza #04-11

Singapore 259708

Nearest MRT: Newton

Oxley, Somerset Chapter One English

Oxley Campus (Central)

71 Oxley Rise,

Unit 01-02 (Ground Floor)

Singapore 238698

Nearest MRT: Somerset (one stop from Orchard)

Are you seeking assistance in unlocking your child's full potential but have a few inquiries? We're here to provide answers and support. We will get back to you lickety-split.

* Upon submitting this form, we will contact you within a few days to help you with any questions and interests you might have. Your details will never be shared with any third party.

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