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About Us

C H A P T E R  O N E 

noun. /ˈtʃaptə/ /wʌn/

The first segment of something: a book, a life, a story. 

It is the first distinctive period in history when man first walked the earth and told his first story that would survive generations. The first chapter of a person’s life unfolds when one is a child. As educators, we have the delight of being one of the main characters in your child’s first chapter. Mastery of the English language is crucial in today's time and age. Effective communication - both verbal and written - is important. Chapter One focuses on igniting in your child the love for the language. There is so much beauty in words!

Who are we?

Chapter One is a boutique studio that offers innovative English enrichment programmes for children, literally from when they are newborns (0-12m) to when they are active toddlers (12m-36m). We continue to journey with them until they are 16. The programmes are centered around themes that are designed to stimulate a child's imagination and curiosity. By immersing children in engaging topics, we help them to develop a love for learning and a passion for exploring new ideas. Whether it's through story-telling, creative writing, or other creative activities, the studio's highly experienced teachers strive to inspire their young learners to think critically, communicate effectively, and express themselves confidently in English.

I am a strong believer in teaching with deep passion and love. The English language is beautiful and so much can be done with words if they’re put together cleverly and impactfully. My dream is for children to realise that. And my mantra is that no child should ever feel smaller than he or she is. Chapter One is my little way of moulding children. Every child our teachers have the opportunity to help takes us one step closer to our vision.

Michelle Manovella, Founder, 15 years of teaching experience

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Our programmes are centred around themes that would

enrich a child’s mind.


They are exciting and surprising - the way learning should be. This exposes your child to topics and happenings in both the local and global context and fortifies his understanding of cultures, foods, behaviours and living spaces around the world.

Questions are posed and discussions are held to encourage deeper thinking. 



Our team of teachers believes that having a good command of the English language can take

one far in life.


Apart from having the passion and skillset to educate and nurture, our teachers have backgrounds in journalism, editing, curriculum writing, public speaking training amongst others.


This allows them to share invaluable and refreshing nuggets of knowledge and life lessons that extend beyond the curriculum.

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"I have been a student at Chapter One for about a year now. My time here has certainly been very fruitful and enjoyable."

"The teachers in Chapter One are so amazing. I have a lot of fun here and have learnt a myriad of new vocabulary that I consistently apply to my speech and writing."

"I love coming to Chapter 1 because it is such a homely place. The lessons here are fruitful and different from the usual enrichment centres."

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