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Workshops & Other Programmes

March Holidays 2023

Our long-awaited oral bootcamp is taking place during the March holidays. We are keeping the class size small so that your child is given sufficient time and attention to develop his/her oral skills.

Teacher Mel will cover both reading aloud and stimulus-based conversation. 


P3/4 (ages 9-10)

13, 14, 15 March

9:00 - 10:30am

$73 x 3


P5/6 (ages 11-12)

13, 14, 15 March

10:45am- 12:15pm

$78 x 3

1-1 Oral: Virtual Test Sessions 

This is a simulation of the oral examination. It is conducted virtually.

During each 15-to-20-minute session, your child will be tested on the following:
1. Reading Aloud 
2. Stimulus-Based Conversation 

After each session, a grade and detailed feedback will be provided.

Drop in 1-1 virtual test session: $25
Pack of 5 1-1 virtual test sessions: $100 ($20/one)
Park of 10 1-1 virtual test sessions: $180 ($18/one)

You may schedule your sessions here.

(March & April slots are available for booking)

Open Writing Studio (OWS)

This is the only programme of its kind in Singapore and is the brainchild of our founder, Michelle, who has always believed that writing is a lifelong skill. It should be fun, wild and free. The skills attained and developed during this session will flow into your child's more academic pieces. So, yes! It does benefit them in their school compositions!

During the 60-minute Open Writing Studio session, your child is given the autonomy to explore different writing styles of his/her desire, from narrative to non-narrative. Instead of the usual PSLE style writing, your child now gets the chance to write even fantasy stories infused with magic, and more!


The purpose:

  1. to bring children of different ages together to write freely and creatively. Cousins, friends and siblings are most definitely allowed to attend this together.

  2. to give your child an exhilarating taste of other writing genres. Schools do not always allow certain styles of writing, so this is their chance to truly play with words. This is like an art jam, but it'll be in the form of writing.

  3. to help your child realise that writing is not a chore. It is a magical and fun process. Through this, your child gains interest and confidence in writing.

All ages

Duration: One hour

When: Timings are released weekly. You may visit the link here to access and book slots. We will reach out after your booking comes through. 

Pricing: Drop in x 1 - $45

4 x Open Studio Sessions - $160 ($40 each)

10 x Open Studio Sessions - $350 ($35 each)

FREE TRIAL: New students are entitled to ONE FREE TRIAL of the open writing studio programme worth $45.


"She came out refreshed! (It was) an outlet to express herself outside of the confines of school."

Christine, Mother of M.F.

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