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I have been a student at Chapter One for about a year now. My time here has certainly been very fruitful and enjoyable. Through the classes that I take, I not only enjoy but I also learn and absorb a lot of new information that spurs my curiosity and inspires me to learn more. Making lessons and studying enjoyable is such a difficult task to do, but Chapter One has made it perfectly so. I have never ever regretted going for a class!


Apart from that, I have also made a great number of friends here too. My friends are very supportive and together, we push ourselves to beyond our limits and surpass our own expectations. In all, learning at Chapter one is fun, enjoyable and most of all, very fruitful! Enrolling in Chapter One is one of the best choices I have made in my life and I will never regret joining!


Angel, SCGS Primary

Student of Chapter One

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