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Programmes and Teachers


Level 1 - Hatchling Programme

Learn to Read Phonics Programme

Your child will learn how to identify and recognise the various letters of the alphabet, distinguish between vowels and consonants, sound out blends and pick up key high-frequency words.


This will pave the way towards being able to read independently and confidently. The weekly programme is thematic and will, therefore, expose your child to nuggets of information about the exciting world around them.

Level 2 - Waddle Programme

P1 Head Start Programme

It is important for parents to keep in mind that the jump from preschool to primary school can be stressful. This transition can be especially challenging if your child has not had a good foundation set.


To armour him or her up before entering a new environment, this weekly programme covers grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, comprehension and an introduction to creative and descriptive writing.

Pre-school Teachers


Teacher: Winnie

As a mother of two and a former MOE teacher, Winnie has a way with children of all ages.


“I love it when my students proactively engage in discussions, ask questions and realise that there is more than one perspective to every issue. It is this 'a-ha' moment that keeps me going,” Winnie reveals.


Her favourite book series of all time would be The Faraway Tree Series by Enid Blyton. It is a well-loved tale of imagination and strange lands at the top of a very strange tree, which bears apples, pears, nuts, acorns and more. As a child, she found herself intrigued by the curious creatures, such as Moon-Face, The Saucepan Man, Dame Washalot, Mr Watzisname and the Angry Pixie.

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