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Primary School

The All-Encompassing Programme

Our curriculum is centred around themes that would enrich a child’s mind. They are exciting and surprising - the way learning should be. Your child will encounter a new topic every week, which will spur curiosity about local and global events. 


Weekly, we cover the fundamentals of the language. This will ensure that each student cements his or her foundation, upon which more sophisticated development can take place. Open-ended components, such as comprehension, situational writing and composition writing are covered every alternate week.



Reading Aloud &

Stimulus-based conversation


Paper 1

Situational Writing, Composition Writing


Paper 2

Grammar, Vocabulary, Word Order, Visual Text Comprehension, Grammar Cloze, Spelling and Editing, Comprehension Cloze, Synthesis and Transformation, and Open-ended Comprehension.



With the option to use PowerPoint and videos, your child will learn to present effectively to an audience with the help of creatively-crafted visual aids.

Mastery of Composition Writing Programme


This programme is structured into unique 4-week cycles.


During each cycle, your child focuses on a new writing technique.

Your child will be systematically guided to apply them to his or her own writing. 

1 float.png

Week 1

Introduction to the technique

2 swim.png

Week 2

Venturing deeper into the technique

3 dive.png

Week 3 & 4

Application + Brainstorming + Writing of a Composition

We encourage students to do both the All-Encompassing and Mastery of Composition Writing programmes together.

They are complementary to each other. Please contact us to find out more.

pri teachers

Primary Teachers

Teacher: Michelle

As the founder of Chapter One, Michelle has a clear vision in mind. She longs for every child under her care to view the English language differently. She enjoys injecting fun and humour into her classes and delights in watching her students transform over the weeks.


“What makes my heart soar is when a child remarks that he/she dreams to become an author!” Michelle shares.


She discovered her love for words when she first began crafting little poems as a child to her mother. She would tuck them into her mother’s handbag or slide them below her parents’ door.


She has a long list of stories she has read and re-read, but the top contender would be The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu. It is a magical realism story that has won awards including the Hugo Award for Best Short Story. The stories are thought-provoking and touch on themes that are close to her heart.

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